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    Hi Ellen, We are hoping it will be soon, but I don't have a definitive date for you and I wish that I did. We are all working remotely (more hours than ever before) and hosting events and programs virtually for now. When we have less legal liability ...

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    When will there be people back on the office? Seems about time to have at least one or two available? No need to have it open to the public but I would think it's time to be back?-- Ellen Pacheco Office Manager Lamacchia Realty 774-259-7 ...

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    To those of you that contacted me asking if I have more info, here is a SUPRA new member orientation video that you can watch to get to know more about their system: http://www.supraekey.com/Media%20Library/SupraSystem-New-Member-Orientation-720.mp4 ...

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