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From comprehensive inspections to useful options, we offer services to fit your home buying needs in this competitive market. When you find a home you’d like to learn more about, we’ll be there to thoughtfully examine the property and empower you with objective knowledge about the home.

Kensa’s Approach To Home Inspection

Whether you’re a home buyer or an agent, we’re here to help with an investigative eye and a collaborative attitude. We work together to ensure everyone’s goals are efficiently met by our inspections, and we’ll have a little fun along the way.

Our most ringing endorsements are when people say that they leave our home inspections feeling lighter, like they learned a lot, and that they are more excited about their potential home. We believe that home inspections can be both educational and enjoyable. Learn more about working together

The Road To Home Inspection

It might not seem obvious how a background in Information Technology and experience working at a social service Non-Profit would make for a best-in-class home inspector, but it turned out to be the perfect recipe.

In IT, Ken had a disciplined focus on customer experience and a methodical process for identifying and solving problems. In the non-profit sector, he discovered a passion for helping people improve their situation in life. Combining the two led Ken to a career in home inspections which allows him to use a systematic approach in serving people during their journey to find a new home.

Having completed over one thousand inspections all over Eastern Massachusetts, Ken is motivated by helping people make the right decision at one of the most major milestones in their life.

"As a home inspector, the work I do can influence where someone ends up living. Which influences who they meet, where their kids go to school, who their new friends are, and on and on. Which changes their life. It’s a giant thing. It’s not just a transaction."

When he’s not inspecting homes (or writing reports), you can find Ken in the kitchen cooking anything from butternut squash risotto to extra spicy stir-fry to pantry pasta to crusty bread.  Ken’s extra special specialty is beef enchiladas.  It’s an all-day endeavor because he makes everything from scratch, including the chili powder, sauce, and corn tortillas.

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Cultivating Good

We believe in cultivating good, and that means helping those who help others. If you’re looking for help inspecting a property for a non-profit organization, we’d be happy to discuss your project needs. We offer in-kind consultations for qualified non-profit organizations as well as local, independent mom and pop shops.

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