Colleen Fiumara

Owlhouse Realty Co.

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Hello! I'm an independent broker from Halifax, Ma working mostly residential in the South Shore, mainly Plymouth county. My home county was Norfolk so I still have some clients there I trek back and forth for! I opened my brokerage Jan 2018 and have been slowly building my systems, goals & policies, I ❤ checklists!!

My real estate love interest is in investment properties. I started as a rental agent my first 4 years and built a decent amount of landlord clientele. I own two rentals with a goal to add more and I just finished my first house rehab. I learn as much as possible so I can pass info onto my investor clients. 

Over the last few years of relentless networking I've built a great support team of reliable lenders, attorneys, credit repair consultants, transaction coordinator, photographers, seller preparation services and many more great resources I can refer onto my clients to help them achieve their goals and be successful in their transactions.

My hope and dream with real estate is building a solid future for myself, my kids & my family, my clients & their families.